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Choose from our different ranges of window blinds collection, each designed to offer a unique blend of technology and style.

Blackout roller blinds

ALL our blackout fabrics are 100% light block. If your home has a room that lets in a lot of light, particularly a bedroom, you’ll know the annoying feeling of waking up at 6am on a Saturday morning! For such people, our blackout fabric blinds provide a great solution. Blackout blinds can even be fitted behind your existing curtains providing an extra layer of light protection.

Providing complete protection, our collection of blackout roller blinds banishes the sunlight to keep your home shaded whenever you need it.

Day & Night roller blinds

Whatever the time, day or night you can enjoy the sun, enjoy a bit of privacy but most importantly, enjoy complete control over the light coming into your home.

Day and night blinds combine opaque and translucent horizontal stripes, perfect for adding style and elegance to any room of the home. With a wide variety of day and night shades, you’ll find something to suit your home in our range of Day and Night roller blinds.

Sunscreen roller blinds

If you are indoors on a warm summer’s day, it can feel a little gloomy to have all your curtains or blinds pulled shut. With such a glorious day outside, you don’t want to block out your view. Fortunately, there is another way to let natural light into your home while keeping cool.

These special roller blinds allow a view to the outside but prevent people from looking in. They also reduce glare and UV rays making them ideal for sunny rooms.

Roman window blinds

Whether you’re creating a focal point, adding color, or simply looking for a functional solution, roman blinds are an excellent choice. With plenty of shades and patterns to choose from, you can create a space you’ll love in no time.

Roman blinds are great for adding a feel of style and luxury to rooms. We have a beautiful range of fabrics, from suede & crushed velvet to bold, contemporary colors.